🥂🥂 Release Day 🥂🥂

The long preparation comes to an end: "Destination Paradise" is officially released today.
Stream it, buy it, leave it -> your choice 😁

Here are the links to several streaming or sales plattforms:

It's also time to thank our label Metalapolis Records for the fantastic support! ❤️
We said it before, but we can't say it enough: a big thanks also goes out to Valhalla Sound Studio who did a fantastic job ❤️

Here's our new video for ROCK & ROLL IS MY RELIGION.

Writing the song brought back childhood memories and shooting the video brought us back to school: both felt really really good.
Rock N' Roll has been our constant companion, through both the highs and lows of life, from our childhood to adult years. As kids, we were mesmerized by the idols we saw on TV, dreaming to become just like them. It's the music that carried us through broken bones and hearts. It helped us becoming who we are and today it is an escape from the dull everyday life or other unhappy events. That's why we wrote this anthem - to celebrate the one thing we simply can't live without: rock n' roll!

Our new video 'Only For A While' is online now:

Our new single "ONLY FOR A WHILE" will be released next friday.

It's a song about going through dark periods in life and functioning in a world full of pressure and expectations. It's about the need to take time for yourself for your own good - even if it's only for a while 😊

Pre-Save the song here:

The “Destination Paradise” pre-sale has now started!
The album can be pre-ordered as a CD, LP or in the limited collector's box.

New t-shirt designs are still in work and will be posted as soon as possible.

Important information for Switzerland and Liechtenstein:
The orders are not sent by us directly but through with an invoice!

Time to let the cat out of the bag:
Here's the artwork to our upcoming album DESTINATION PARADISE released on 31.05. by Metalapolis Records.

And this is the tracklist:
01. Through Hell And Back
02. After The Rain
03. Everyday Heroes
04. Bottoms Up
05. Only For A While
06: Valley Of The Broken Hearted
07. Rock N' Roll Is My Religion
08. Nothing's Gonna Keep Me From You
09. From The Ashes
10. Leave A Light On
11. Yesterday's News
12. Paradise
13. Run With Us (CD Bonus track)

What more can we say about it? 🤔
Nothing more than that this is the best Black Diamonds album we made so far! 🔥

Again we teamed up with Valhalla Sound Studio and we want to thank Max Morton, Julian Lehmann and Dima for their wonderful work, dedication and frienship! 🙏

Pre-Sale will start soon 😊

Unser neues Video 'After The Rain' ist online now:

Our new single 'After The Rain' will be released on March 22nd.

Here you can pre-save the song:

Migros Support CultureThe Migros project "Support Culture" is entering the next round and we are once again asking for your help 😁.

How does it work?
From 6.2. to 15.4.2024, the "Support Culture" campaign will take place, which promotes cultural associations in Switzerland. Customers will receive a club voucher for every CHF 20 spent.The club vouchers can be allocated to a cultural association using a unique code printed on them by 22.4.2024 at the latest.


We receive a contribution from Migros for each voucher allocated. However, the amount is not yet defined, as it depends on how many coupons are redeemed in total.

Thanks a lot! 💪☺️

🎉 Sooo, 2023 is coming to an end. We would like to take the chance to say thanks for keeping our adventure alive and supporting us. 🙏☺️

Happy 2024 to everybody and we'll see you around 👀

Keep on rocking 🤘🥳
The Black Diamonds

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