Time to let the cat out of the bag:
Here's the artwork to our upcoming album DESTINATION PARADISE released on 31.05. by Metalapolis Records.

And this is the tracklist:
01. Through Hell And Back
02. After The Rain
03. Everyday Heroes
04. Bottoms Up
05. Only For A While
06: Valley Of The Broken Hearted
07. Rock N' Roll Is My Religion
08. Nothing's Gonna Keep Me From You
09. From The Ashes
10. Leave A Light On
11. Yesterday's News
12. Paradise
13. Run With Us (CD Bonus track)

What more can we say about it? 🤔
Nothing more than that this is the best Black Diamonds album we made so far! 🔥

Again we teamed up with Valhalla Sound Studio and we want to thank Max Morton, Julian Lehmann and Dima for their wonderful work, dedication and frienship! 🙏

Pre-Sale will start soon 😊

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