«Come back to England!»

The rhein valley based rock band "Black Diamonds" is currently on tour in Europe with the two Swedish bands HEAT and degreed in a huge Nightliner. A big adventure for the local musicians, but also demands a lot from them. In a row, they give insights into her touring life at this point.

The rockers were astonished in Holland when they read their band name above the concert venue "de Pul". The club was also really nice with two floors, big stage and friendly staff. As usual, the Black Diamonds opened the evening with their 40-minute set. The highlight was when Erik Grönwall, the HEAT singer, came on stage during the Black Diamonds show, bringing everyone a cup of whiskey and thanking them for their hard work - that was great!

At the end of the evening everyone was happy that another day off was due. Five concerts in a row are extremely exhausting, especially with all the loading and unloading, setting up, etc. In addition, all musicians caught a little cold, which was taking its toll. The off day was spent with a lot of idleness and visits to the local shops in Cannock - the perfect way to recharge the strained "batteries".

Next on the tour program: 4 UK shows - again a new experience for the Black Diamonds. It was nice to see that the people in England are still really set on rock'n'roll. In Wolverhampton the stage was extremely small and needed improvisation when setting up, but audience wise the place was great and the rhine valley boys were received with open arms. It's an incredible feeling to be in front of a packed club and to see that the people like it.

Tourhighlight in Nottingham

The following day in Glasgow was a bit more difficult. Although the place was in the middle of the city and the rockers could stroll a bit through the streets, but the stage was on the second floor and there was no elevator ... phuuu ... that was tough! The hall had to be vacated extremely early, which is why the show start was scheduled almost simultaneously with the door opening time. The Black Diamonds went on stage with a crowd of 5 people, although the venue filled up quickly during their set. The unloading was then ... well, suboptimal with all the stairs. Especially because people were blocking the way. Nevertheless it was a hard but fun night!

The absolute tour highlight was Nottingham. The "Black Diamonds" were caught by surprise when they went on stage and noticed that the hall was already full - few minutes after doors opening! The mood was exuberant and after the concert, the rhine valley musicians were repeatedly asked to come back to England to play more concerts - that was totally unexpected.

Nottingham was followed by another day off before the tour ended in London. One thing is clear for the Black Diamonds: they have found some friends on the bus who will be missed once the tour is over.

Source: rheintaler.ch/artikel/kommt-wieder-zu-uns-nach-england/46134 - 21.11.2017


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