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The rhine valley based rock band "Black Diamonds" is currently on tour in Europe with the two Swedish bands HEAT and degreed in a huge Nightliner. A big adventure for the local musicians, but also demands a lot from them. In loose sequence, they give insights into her touring life at this point.

René, Simone et Francois arrives à la gare de lions ... well, at least the "Black Diamonds" are on their way to their show in Paris. In the middle of the city lies the Nouveau Casino with hardly any opportunities to unload the tour bus. Because of the narrow streets it was also not the favorite destination of the driver Mike.

But the venue was really charming and the helpers were very helpful and motivated - one even spoke Swiss German. The schedule between the arrival and showtime was so tight that the Rheintaler Rocker did not even have time for dinner. At midnight the whole location had to be vacated, because they invited a different audience for disco. But That did not harm the atmosphere in the packed club at all - great audience, great show!

On Sunday evening they played the only show in their home country - at the Z7 in Pratteln. Pride and joy resulted after finding the cleanest location and the best food of the tour so far. It was also very nice to finally see and use a proper toilet again. The concert was also special for the Rheintaler because so many familiar faces were attending. The band members did not expect that, thus the joy and motivation rose even more.

Switzerland was followed by another three concerts, including in Aschaffenburg in Germany. Because of a construction site, the tour bus could not drive directly to the hall and the equipment had to be reloaded on small Sprinter. As usual the setup was fast and easy. The Rheintaler musicians then stayed backstage on the second floor and went on stage in time for the show. What surprise to find a packed hall - on a Monday night. It was just great!!!

The next stop was in Belgium. Another great venue, delicious beer and great staff. The crowd was maybe a little more reserved, but all in all, the "Black Diamonds" also had a successful concert evening in Belgium.

Source: rheintaler.ch/artikel/endlich-ein-wc-mit-brille/45963 - 16.11.2017

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