Huge stages in Spain

The rhine valley based rock band Black Diamonds is currently on tour with the two Swedish bands HEAT and degreed in a huge Nightliner. A big adventure for the local musicians, but it also demands a lot from them. In loose sequence, they give insights into her touring life at this point.

Milan was a great experience for the Black Diamonds - they could rock in front of a full house and really enjoyed playing there.

This was followed by a travel day and since the bus driver had to keep his rest time, the musicians spent a few hours sightseeing in Béziers, France. Cheese and wine tasted excellent. However, the band members found that their school French is heavily rusted. So they talked with hands and feet and complemented with English so the communication was at least running.

The following Spain concerts were an absolute blast! Huge stages and highly motivated helpers, delicious catering and also a great audience. Even though most of the audience had never heard of the "Black Diamonds" before, people seemed to like it. Bilbao, Madrid or Barcelona - everywhere the boys were asked to take countless photos with enthusiastic visitors afterwards. That was a completely new experience! But they also enjoyed playing on such big stages.

Behind the scenes there was one constant: Attention - the voice is a fragile good and there were really two or three evenings, where the "Black Diamonds" were not happy after the sound check. Eventually, the concerts finally succeeded. But that also required a bit of discipline - putting on sweaters, avoiding air conditioning and, above all, only enjoying the aftershow parties in moderation. Problems that one does not know from single concert evenings.

Source: rheintaler.ch/artikel/riesige-buehne-in-spanien/45765 - 11.11.2017

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